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Merchant Industry TX

Free Payment Gateway Setup

          Merchant Industry offers a FREE or USAepay payment gateway account and a free shopping cart software for your business.Register with Merchant Industry merchant account to start accepting credit cards for your business and get a FREE or USAepay account.The Payment Gateway is a secured interface or business to complete real-time online transactions.The Shopping Cart program will connect to the payment gateway to get a real-time credit card card authorization. Once you process with Merchant Industry you will be able to substantially reduce your business costs by virtue of our FREE Payment Gateway setup program, moreover can process unlimited number of gateway transactions.We do not charge for the gateway setup or monthly gateway fees.

           Merchant Industry offers low processing rates for your credit cards. We also do not adjust gateway costs in the form of higher merchant processing rates. Our rates are the lowest in the industry. The merchant service benefits will include:

  • Free Authorize.Net or USAepay account and gateway set-up
  • Free Shopping cart program. 
  • Support all other major payment gateways and shopping carts
  • No monthly gateway fee
  • Support for Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover card brands
  • 24/7 customer support


        Authorize.Net is a payment gateway service provider allowing merchants to accept credit card and electronic checks payments quickly through their Web site and over an IP connection. Authorize.Net claims that over 305,000 merchants process with them , which makes World’s largest payment gateway service provider


      USA ePay is a payment gateway service provider having multiple payment solutions which can help business process transactions quickly, safely and securely.Since 1998 USA ePay has been helping merchants process their online transactions in a safe and secure manner. Whether your business is running in a Retail, MOTO, eCommerce or Wireless environment USA ePay can provide the best service possible. USA ePay is one of the very first PCI Compliant gateways to become PCI Level 1 compliant. PCI compliance is the standard of security in the credit card processing industry to help process your transaction securely.

“We opened a lighting warehouse several years ago and our cash and carry policy worked well. We had cheap prices and advertised low overhead as our reason. As the years went by and money got tighter we were losing sales because people did not carry as much cash as a means of self control and tighter budgets. We got in touch with Merchant Industry and had them finally set us up with a free terminal and a credit card processing system. In this economy we must take credit cards, and with our sales today compared to before Merchant Industry helped us prove that fact.”.

— Jake —